I <3 you. /offers hug/ Selfishly, I love to hear from you, love to see you commenting on and liking the opinions we put forward about the show you're making. If you don't wanna do that anymore then I wouldn't blame you though because, well, haters suck and I don't want you to be miserable.But thank you so much for the time and effort you've given to making something I love so much and for being so engaged with your fans. Love.

Thank you. And thank you to everyone who sent very nice messages to my inbox. 

That being said, I actually haven’t read all of the (apparently) unpleasant things in the tags. As some of you know, I’m in NYC right now because I’m going to be a part John and Hank Green’s Carnegie Hall event. In the meantime, I’m running around catching up with friends I haven’t gotten to see in years. Any other day, I would have likely been around to read that stuff. Now I know that I won’t ever read it, which means I’m not entirely sure what is being said about me, but I’m okay with that. 

Because that’s the great thing about social media - you get to choose your experience. I’m choosing not to engage in any negativity. I suggest you do the same. If you don’t like hearing from me, or anyone else involved in the show, or another fan, then I encourage you to block me/them. I won’t show up in your tags, and you won’t show up in mine. You get to have the online experience that you want, and no one gets hurt. 

I sometimes feel like a broken record talking about how much I love the fans and how grateful I am to them, because I talk about it over and over and over again. Those of you who listened to the New Mediacracy podcast know that when I can, I schedule my life around getting to see the fan reactions to new episodes because I love it so much. It makes this whole experience that much more rewarding. But if you don’t want to hear from me, or you don’t want me to see what you’ve written, then by all means, block me, please.

I would hate to miss out on those reactions, especially because some of my favorite episodes we’ve ever made are coming up, but I will stay out of the tags, for the next few days, at least, because I’m traveling. If you make fan art or gifs or thoughtful posts that you would like me to see and possibly reblog, please tag them “Ashley Clements” and I’ll try to check that tag.  

And, as always, thank you for watching our show, for talking and thinking about it, for making fan art and gifs, and for caring so much about what this cast and crew works so hard to make. 

  1. analyticritic said: You truly are something special. <3 Four for you, Ashley Clements. Four for you.