Hi Ashley, I hope you don't mind me asking - but what type of cat is Perdy? She's SO CUTE!!! We saw a brief glimpse in the Google hangout you did last week, and also in your post about her on here, but I couldn't quite make it out :(

Perdy (short for Perdita) is a domestic short hair. Her coloring is part tabby, part tortoise shell.



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  1. midnightofthesoul said: I’m pretty sure it’s Perdita’s instagram and she just allows you to take pictures of humans on occasion :)
  2. tvismyboyfriend said: My cat, Bella (no, not after Twilight, lol), is the same color, and it looks like they have the same markings. They could totally be sisters. I never saw so many brown tabby cats until I adopted her. :)
  3. artofobservation said: I have a tortie-tabby, too! What a pretty kitty :)